Monday, October 10, 2011

Liz Vicious Into Star Trek?

Yes some time back about 6 or so months ago I got into Star trek a friend brought over his collection of the original Star Trek.

After watching many Episodes I found the whole idea of Star Trek a Beautiful thing a United Planet the whole planet working together as 1 no Racism everyone has a place in the world of Star Trek World Hunger unemployment all these things are things of the distant past in this wonderful Future! called Star Trek!

The Idea that the world could come together in this way entranced me and excited me.

I would truly Love to live in such a world.

The messages bought to you in each episode (Like the Racism message brought up in  "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield"

I have decided that Star Trek the original Series should be required watching and used as a learning tool.

Ok so i am a dreamer but lets face it some dreams do come true and I hope the dream of Star Trek comes true for us ALL !

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 ~Liz Vicious~


  1. agreed it should i watched every version of star-trek.
    and some of the technology is becoming reality.

  2. And maked in a time racism comunist vs capitalist are the rule.

  3. Love Them All.Deep Space 9 Was Always My Favorite.Only@misslizvicious Could Make 7 Of 9 Jealous.