Monday, October 10, 2011

Liz Vicious Into Star Trek?

Yes some time back about 6 or so months ago I got into Star trek a friend brought over his collection of the original Star Trek.

After watching many Episodes I found the whole idea of Star Trek a Beautiful thing a United Planet the whole planet working together as 1 no Racism everyone has a place in the world of Star Trek World Hunger unemployment all these things are things of the distant past in this wonderful Future! called Star Trek!

The Idea that the world could come together in this way entranced me and excited me.

I would truly Love to live in such a world.

The messages bought to you in each episode (Like the Racism message brought up in  "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield"

I have decided that Star Trek the original Series should be required watching and used as a learning tool.

Ok so i am a dreamer but lets face it some dreams do come true and I hope the dream of Star Trek comes true for us ALL !

Come Visit my Page on TRECKSPACE

 ~Liz Vicious~

Playin with kitties!

BEEEEBBBBIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE KITTIIIIIIIIEEEEEES!! Weee! Im playin with baby barn kitties!!! They are sooo sweet and cute. My barn kitties name is Cheeze. She is my favorite and my little baby girl. Cheeze is the most playful, beautiful, sweet kittie of the 3. The other one that looks like Cheeze but is a boy and a bit bigger with more color than Cheeze is named Fuzzie kittie and the other one who is scared constantly and hides its face like I cant see it when it wants to feel safe is all gray and named Wuzzie kittie. They are sooo sweet and cute. Fuzzie is calm and sweet and likes me alot. He purrrrs constantly and gives me kisses. He always just wants to be held and loved on and given kissies all the time. Cheeze is the same but WAAAY more spunky,playful, and random. lol. I grabbed both kitties, Fuzzie kittie and Wuzzie kittie, and braught them in and gave them lots of food and lovins. Well Wuzzie kittie was really scared cuz of all the new stuff going on so little Wuzzie kittie cried and looked up at me and pawed my arm. So I grabbed Wuzzie kittie and cooed while I rocked and kissed on em and then Wuzzie hid that sweet little face in the crook of my elbow and fell asleep. I took that kittie back outside to mommy kittie. Now im cuddling with Fuzzie and Cheeze kittie and my baby Charlie Bear. Im off to have a glass of juice and watch a little TV before I crawl in bed with all my sweet little baby animals. Im kinda lonely…if you get my drift…so I might just make a comfy little sock drawer for them to all sleep in while I crawl in bed with a certain someone. Who knows. Well love you take care and see ya in the funnies!
-Liz- xoxo

I love books!

I love to be swept up into a dark and mysterious world rich with life and sexual tension. Around every corner something exciting something new something dangerous but always something that teeters on the edge of reality and fiction. She dreams in digital….cuz its better than nothing…Love you and talk to you again soon.

~Liz Vicious