Wednesday, April 18, 2018

To All Internet Grammar Nazis

I’ve been dealing with trolls, school shootings,  fans, and pedophiles and freaks of all kinds online for 6 years now. None of them piss me off as much as  all the grammar Nazis ..
I Make post after post on all kinds of things SOPA, Bullies, Child Abuse and things i conciser important in the world Like children that are being abused in this country in some of the most horrible ways imaginable and you’re concerned about a typo?
Everyone knows the difference between there, their and they’re. We know the difference between your and you’re. People make fucking mistakes. It seems like some of you just sit there like some kind vulture just waiting to swoop in.
HEY Look at that a mistake posted on the internet Imagine that will ya!
I want these people to understand that they are on the Internet and My posts are not trying out to be Award winning pearls of the internet I am not out to win any awards for my Writing skills. And neither are most people on the net as long as you can follow the meaning even if you have to say to your self (they should have used there and not their) the fact you knew that means you are not having any problem following along with what they MEAN or MEANT to say.

SO once again I say this
Sincerely go fuck yourselves,
~Liz Vicious~

Monday, March 19, 2018

Liz Vicious Presents Consumer Information for Parents

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The best way to protect your kids online? Talk to them. While kids value the opinions of their peers, most tend to rely on their parents for help on the issues that matter most.
Here are some resources to help you get started. We hope you’ll share these with other parents in your community.

Net Cetera: Chatting with Kids About Being Online

What parents need to know, and issues to raise with kids about living their lives online.
Net Cetera: Chatting with Kids About Being Online
Learn how to talk to your kids about staying safe online.

Free Publications from the FTC

Net Cetera: Chatting with Kids About Being Online

You don’t have to be a tech expert to talk to your kids about online safety. Whether kids are using a smartphone, a laptop, or a tablet, the conversation is about your expectations when they’re online. The Net Cetera guide offers practical tips about issues including social networking, mobile devices, computer security, sexting, and cyberbullying.

Safeguarding Your Child's Future

This guide for parents explains what child identity theft is, how to reduce the risk, and what to do if it happens to your child. The booklet includes to-do lists, contact information, blank forms, and the Uniform Minor’s Status Declaration.

Living Life Online

Through these short articles, activities and quizzes, kids (ages 8-14) can learn how to protect themselves online, become better digital citizens, and think critically about the ads they see around them.

Protecting Kids Online

Kids and Computer Security

Talk to your kids about what they can do to help protect your computer and your family’s personal information.

Kids and Socializing Online

Have you and your kids talked about social networking yet? Here are some conversation starters.


Here's how to prevent or stop cyberbullying through conversations.

Parental Controls & Rights

Protecting Your Child’s Privacy Online

Information about parents’ rights under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

Kids, Parents, and Video Games

Information for parents about video game ratings and parental controls.

Kids and Mobile Apps

Consider these questions before you download mobile apps.

Learn More

Learn more about protecting kids online.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

PARENTS Do You Know What Your Kids Are Doing Online?

Why am I posting shit to Parents When i am not one? Cuz i have to deal with the BULLSHIT I get Banned or removed from a site. I am the one who gets retarded Emails from pissed off parents, me and girls like me have to deal with the HATE blogs on how Horrible we are.. when PARENTS do not do there JOB and Keep track of what there kids are doing…
So they will not see me Sucking COCK
 or Eating Pussy
 Understand this right now MR MOM and DAD it is your JOB to know what your kids are doing NOT MINE! I am not YOUR Kids BABY SITTER. I am not your fucking problem YOU are your OWN fucking Problem. There is Technology that can help you know what your kids are doing.. SO LEARN, READ and stop trying to blame others and POINT fucking FINGERS..

To this end I will once again help you in the hops that you will turn your Attentions to yourself and your kids and leave me the fuck out of it.

Keep Track of Where They Are

Services like AT&T FamilyMap, Verizon Family Locator, or Sprint Family Locator let parents keep track of the physical whereabouts of children by tracking the location of their mobile phone. The services do provide some peace of mind, but they have some drawbacks that render them less useful than they could be..

Monitor Smartphone Activity

Keeping track of where your children are, and ensuring they make it safely to school and home again is very important. When it comes to inappropriate activity and cyberbullying, though, you need to monitor the activity on the smartphone, rather than its location.
A WebWatcher press release states, “United States teenagers send and receive an average of 3,339 text messages per month. Additionally, adoption of Smartphones among teens ages 13-17 continues to grow, with 94 percent of teen mobile subscribers self-identifying as advanced data users, turning to their cell phones for messaging, Internet, multimedia, gaming, and other activities like downloads (Nielsen).
If your kids give you any SHIT About spying on them remind them that KIDS cannot be SPY'ED on cuz there just fucking KIDS and your GOD!
WebWatcher and SpectorSoft both offer products that can be used to monitor and log smartphone activity. is available for BlackBerry and Android you can log all text messaging activity and e-mail messages. Parents can also set up keyword alerts to be instantly notified if specific inappropriate behavior is detected.
Spectorsoft is also available for both BlackBerry and Android smartphones. eBlaster Mobile provides more comprehensive smartphone monitoring, including logs of every Website visited, every voice call made or received, and detailed GPS mapping info to let you know where the child has been with the smartphone.
With either product, a parent can get some insight into a child’s smartphone activity and make sure that it is not being used for inappropriate behavior. Monitoring also helps parents protect children from bullying or harassment, and protect them even when they’re away from home.

Liz Vicious Presents Brother and Sister

Be Their Internet Guardian Angels

The PC is another area where parents need to have some way to monitor activity–both to ensure the child is not engaging in undesirable activities, and to guard the child from being a victim of online harassment, or cybercrime. Both WebWatcher and Spectorsoft have PC versions of their monitoring products as well.
The PC versions are more robust than their smartphone counterparts. For example, WebWatcher for the PC monitors other activity such as Websites visited, applications used, and instant messaging. It also logs all keystrokes, and can perform periodic screen captures so you have a visual log of exactly what was on the PC at a given time.
TRY  Spectorsoft’s eBlaster to monitor the activity on my own children’s PCs. Like WebWatcher, it gathers details like applications used, and keystrokes typed in addition to the features found in the smartphone version. Where WebWatcher is storing the information on the Web for parents to log in and review, though, eBlaster sends me reports directly via email (Figure 2). I can configure the frequency of the e-mail updates anywhere from one to 999 minutes, or set it for a daily report delivered at a designated time.

How to Use Mac Parental Controls

As a responsible parent, you want to set limits to keep your children safe. When you use your Mac parental controls, you get to say what your child can and cannot do.

How to Activate Parental Controls in Windows 7

How to Activate Parental Controls in Windows 10

Now maybe you can keep your kids safe from the evil Liz Vicious and her Cock sucking Pussy Eating Friends 

Hey a  BONUS  you might also keep them safe from Bullies, Trolls, petioles, rapists and killers.


In closing PARENTS  it is not TV it is not PORN it is not Violence it is not MOVIES or MUSIC 


This Has Been a Liz Vicious Rambling..

Saturday, March 10, 2018

To All Spelling Nazis

                                                 To All Spelling Nazis

 WOW thank you for coming along. If it hadn’t been for your observation that the word “satin” was supposed to be “Satan” something that may have had no effect whatsoever on our lives. But you, ah, you have found meaning.

This is the Internet, after all, and someone needs to police it. You, sir or madam, are a hero for your willingness to sacrifice valuable hours of your day and devote them to something nobody else cares about just so that we know you can spell better than The rest of us.

You spend countless hours combing posts and responses to posts just so you can point out when the rest of us make mistakes, Clearly this is because of course you never do. You don’t have anything more important to do with your life because this is the most important thing in the world. In fact, if someone makes a spelling error online, it’s a far more important representation of them than their ability to perform their duties as a human being than anything they actually say.

The only logical conclusion to make. is  God forbid we silly people don’t proofread our 18th post today on an internet about witch actress has the best rack, then clearly we probably don’t proofread our resumes either.

So I give you a standing ovation yes you ,Guy Who Points Out Typos, for making sure we all know you found our mistake. You’re right, it IS unprofessional to make spelling errors on an online forum about homosexual monkey sex photos.

Your life is truly validated each time you point that out to the rest of us. Stand tall even though the others fail to appreciate your solid work ethic, know that I see your heroic efforts and I am eternally grateful that you made sure I know I accidentally left the “u” out of “restaurant” in my post about where to eat fried “tranchulas” in  Los Angeles. Had you not pointed that out, nobody would have cared. But now we all know that you do.

Sincerely go fuck yourselves,
~Liz Vicious~

Friday, March 9, 2018

Who made @Klout the arbiter of online influence?

Who made @Klout the arbiter of online influence, aside from Klout itself?

I could rank your influence online. If you like: I’ll add your number of Twitter followers to your number of Facebook friends, subtract the number of MySpace friends, laugh and point if you’re still on Friendster, take the square root, round up to the nearest integer and add six. That’s your Vicious Number (mine is 195). You’re welcome. 

One simple fact is you and I have no idea how Klout is doing this As far as any of us know, your @Klout score is determined by college interns, reliving there days of playing Dungeon and dragons each feverishly rolling a pair of ten-sided dice, and then that number is allowed to oscillate within a random but bounded range every day to give the appearance that something’s going on.

it seems that what Klout exists to do is create status anxiety – to saddle you with a popularity ranking, and then make you feel insecure about it (this is why right from the start I used to tell @klout I hated that Invite that used to read ( your Klout Score is 37 (I’m a 64). Check out your Join Klout and see how we compare. any time i would invite anyone i would cut that(see how we compare. (part out.I guess Klout got smart and changed that (so thats a good thing) 

 it seems Klout exists to turn the entire Internet into a high school cafeteria, in which everyone is defined by the table they sit at.

so now your standing in the middle of the room with your lunch tray, looking for a seat, hoping to ingratiate yourself with the cool kids, trying desperately not to get funneled to the table in the corner where the kids with scoliosis braces and D&D manuals sit.
Enjoy your day @Klout I am going out to eat and I do not care who you think is cool I can decide that for myself. 

                    I Love you all no matter what @klout thinks of you!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Was Liz Vicious arrested (Debunked)

It has once again Come up That Liz Vicious was arrested.. I will Debunk that Rumor now and with luck forever...

The people who been spreading this bullshit keep using this site as there PROOF.. OMG look it is Liz Vicious... Well no it is not not really..

Lets look at some basic information first:

It reads
5′ 4″
105 lbs
30 years old
Date of Birth
Age at Arrest
26 years old (Well they are close on this one)
Eye Color
BLUE (Sorry but my eyes are Green)
Hair Color
BLACK (not correct however the person being arrested mite have had there hair Dyed Black at the time) 

 NOW when arrested some checks are done Like Any Wants and Warrants, Finger prints and driver ID the Driver ID Alone would have told them the The above information is incorrect

OK so some Booking Sheriff  made some mistakes no big deal right? well sure it is in case you ever get arrested again or you escape and blah blah a number of things so they want this information to be as accurate   as possible..

So lets take a look at that photo. has there water mark all over it WHY? I have looked up many records and never seen that kind of shit On them. If you go to the above Link  you will see the mugshot below it where is reads (PAID ADVERTISEMENT) with a link when you click on it that link  you go to a website you have to PAY to get your mugshots removed (How Convenient) in most cases seeing as the record is sent out to Dozens and Dozens of sites and in fact a real Mugshot will show on Dozens of websites not just ONE.

so anyway It’s often very hard to tell the difference between scam mugshot sites and legitimate mugshot sites. Scammers in this area are often highly resourceful and can make their scam sites look legitimate.
Legitimate mugshot sites that supposedly exist for public service should never ask you for money to take your picture down, however. If a site asks for money, it’s likely a scam or a business with a disreputable model.
If a mugshot site asks you for money to take down your mugshot (real or not), it will be tempting to pay them. However, it’s usually best not to do

I think I covered all of it if you have any questions feel free to tweet me...

Liz Vicious

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Grocery Shopping SUCKS!

Grocery Shopping SUCKS!

The guy who works in the produce or meat department who always stares at me…really stares at me. Ok, yes I know, I am wearing the same pants I wore yesterday…and the day before, but really that doesn’t make me an alien or someone worthy of “the stare”. STOP IT.

The cashier who acts like she has never seen someone buy 6 cases of RedBull. Did you look at the guy who bought 6 cases of beer like that? The women with two or more kids who decide that they have to use two carts…one to put the kids in and one to shop. Ok, if you could do that without running me over in the process that would be fine, but according to the back of my legs YOU CAN’T The produce section. Not because I hate produce…but because I always seem to go when they are down to their last half rotten apple and yellow-brown banana. The cashier who acts like I am killing her by asking her to ring up my stuff instead of doing it myself in the self-checkout. Ummmm yeah, if I didn’t have a giant amount of grocery and if I had maybe two extra hands I would do it myself…but right now I feel like torturing you. I can never find enough REDBULL

Why do stores not order MORE when they see they are consistently selling out? It really really bugs me when I can only buy one or two cases at a time…that means I have to drag myself back again about 2 days later.
Other grocery shoppers. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate the friendly chitchat or Yes “you’re kids are adorable”, as they run and scream threw the store but what I don’t appreciate is trying to tell me what i should EAT
 “Oh, buy this kind…it’s much better…really here you go”, and all the other rude and obnoxious things people say. And please watch where you are driving your cart…I don’t think the back of my legs can take another one of your “opps…sorry” moments. and when it is ALL over you go home to your significant other or Roommate and this REALLY annoys me when I get home and HE/SHE says: “why didn’t you get ________”. And it really really annoys me when she/she says “do you know how bad this stuff is for you?” Yes I do, now get your grubby hands off of it so I can shove it in my face as a reward for dealing with going grocery shopping.
Liz I Hate Shopping Vicious