Thursday, December 14, 2017

Sex Story Dedicated to Dave Wherever you are!

A guy friend of mine and I ran into each other we talked and then went to the bar, at the bar. We started doing shots and having a great time. Well, he said he would drive me home. We got into the car and were driving along and he started rubbing my thighs. It started sprinkling a light rain so he decided to pull over into a field down the road from my house.
We took our clothes off and were dancing naked in the rain, I felt like a Hippie. We started kissing and touching each other and he laid back and brought me on top of him. It started raining harder and thundering and it sent jolts through my bodie. The warm wet rain on my bodie felt amazing in the summer heat. I came the hardest I ever had before that night! I only saw him once since then but, whenever it thunders I think of that night. Wherever you are Dave, Thanks for that night.

~Liz Vicious~

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

How I became addicted to sucking cock

Me and a Friend went to the river to hang out and do a shoot. After some playing around in the water, I got out to dry in the sun. Seeing him laying there, playing with the camera and fiddling with it I started thinking of all the things I could do to him. Feeling myself getting wet, I squirmed down to his hips and reached to pull out his cock he was startled at first and I find he was nearly hard. I slowly started licking and nibbling at his cock, feeling his excitement. As I took all of him into my mouth, I saw a guy sunbathing naked on the other side of the river. He was jerking himself off and that made me crazy and want more. As my guy friend came in my mouth, he grabbed my hair, pulling my head into him, groaning and panting as I drank his load. He then ripped off skirt and panties and started to slowly lick my pussy and slipped two fingers into me. As I moaned, I watched the other guy jerking off and could see he was close to cumming, as was I. By now my cameraman had seen the other guy, too, and turned me around on top of him so he could lick and finger my soaking pussy as I sucked on his cock. It seemed we all came at the same time, and sat back in bliss. The guy across the river left after an hour, but we stayed and did it all over again. To this day I still get hot when I think of that afternoon, and I became addicted to sucking cock. 
Liz Vicious

R.I.P Peter Steele

Fav Music

MY fav group is Type O Negative Some other music i like is
Suicide Comando,Dark Monarchy (who can be found on myspace! so check them out) Orgy, A Perfect Circle, Faithful Dawn, Raized in Black, Virgin Black, Nitzer Ebb, Danzig, The (real) Misfits, Dimmu Borgir, Beohemeth, Pantera, Gary Numan, Depeche Mode, Rammstein, Wumpscut, Type O Negative, VNV Nation, Christian Death, Velvet Acid Christ, The Birthday Masacre, Marilyn Manson, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, The Electric Hellfire Club, Zeromancer, Fear Cult, Mortis, PigFace, Genitortures, Testify, Portishead, Samael, Godhead, Corpus Delicti, The Dreaming, Moonspell, Hocico, Two Witches, My Dying Bride, Hanzel and Gretel, Nitzer Ebb, Covenant, Sisters Of Mercy, Switchblade Symphony, Bile!!!!! i love Bile, London After Midnight, Alien Sex Fiend, Vast, Ministry, Die Krupps, Sentenced, Portishead, concrete blonde, Delerium, White Zombie, Rob Zombie, Deftones (White Pony is the only cd of theirs i liked), Spahn Ranch, Danny Elfman (he wears wumpsct shirts!!), Einsturzende Neubauten, Ogher, My Dying Bride, Corprate Avenger, Skinny Puppy, and lots more i cant think of right now.

Liz Vicious

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Being Goth

I Get alot of people who ask me about being Goth well here is what i think.

I am someone who likes the darker side of things. i usually listen to death metal and goth music, such as Dismember and Bauhaus, TYPE O NEGATIVE! Marilyn Manson is NOT goth. He’s just…weird. Real goths are not depressing and suicidal like the posers you see at Hot Topic. AND  Suicide Girls 
 Goths are fun to be around and aren’t afraid to laugh at themselves every so often. we don’t worship Satan and aren’t evil despite what some ignorant people might say.Goths don’t all dress alike either. 
 They like to create their own unique style. Goths are also very intelligent and creative. A lot of us are writers and artists. Goths DON’T envy the popular people. We are what we are because it makes us happy.
 Goths would rather stay who they are and be among the so called “freaks” than be like everyone else and be popular. We understand that there are more important things in life than popularity, and usually succeed in life while the popular ones don’t become much of anything. 
 Although i also happen to be popular i do not let it goto my head just be kewl with me like you would anyone else.. 
Liz Vicious

Thursday, November 30, 2017

@Misslizvicious being called a fake

OK some people have been sending tweets to my followers telling them that my Twitter account is FAKE the 2 most active in this indevor are
and they been including a link to a so called REPORT lets take a look at some of the key parts of this so called REPORT 

(Retort guy:  You've already mentioned in one of your posts on that Third Pentacle owns the legal rights to the Liz Vicious name. If so, would it be fair to say that anyone else using that name (including the model involved), is infinging on Third Pentacles legal rights? What I'm trying to get here is proof/confirmation that the model is no longer able to promote herself or operate under that name anywhere, so anyone claiming to be Liz Vicious is a fraud.

Tom:  The answer to this question can be a little difficult to answer but here goes... The Liz trademark, name and content is all owned 100% by the company because Liz was a hired model for a website theme that the company was building out. Basically ALL Liz Vicious profiles are just that, Fake Accounts.)

Report guy:  Does Third Pentacle own the legal rights to the official Liz Vicious website,

Tom:  Yes,we own the full rights 100%

 So Liz is this TRUE? well yes and no the trademark (Status 602 - Abandoned-Failure To Respond Or Late Response) and has been in that state for years and now that he is no longer using the MARK he may no longer even have common law rights to it..

OK no to the next part

Report Guy:  The official Liz Vicious website has no back links to an official Liz Vicious twitter account, but @MissLizVicious has a link to the site in her twitter bio. That twitter account was created on 6th January 2010. Do you know if it was created by the real Liz to promote the website, or is it another fake account? You mentioned in one of your earlier posts on that you used to forbid the use of social networking sites by the models you'd set up sites for. The @MissLizVicious account has almost 80,000 tweets on record, so it seems that the person behind it didn't receive your warning. Can that be taken as another indicator that it's a fake account?

Tom:  Twitter never really became a household name or even a site that anyone really used up till about 2009/2010. Sorry to say Liz was gone before that. No one had any official twitter pages while Liz was here, so NO, this twitter account was not started by us/Liz or anyone with any affiliation with us.

OK lets see about this one it seems clear TOM is saying none of his people made the @misslizvicious hmmmmm golly that seems cut and dry how about we discredit Tom all together Item one even in the early days Tom took control of everything Tom created the myspace account 22k friends none of them ever talked with me just tom and his people fell free to visit the profile on myspace just remember its run by Tom and his people, there is another profile on RUDE.COM run by them and with Toms blessing I could go on and on with fake profiles with Tom but lets move on shall we. Another fun thing Tom did was he setup a phone number to talk to Liz the problem is I was not doing it he had other girls answering the phone so people paid by the minute and never talked to Liz Vicious, Tom also kepted allowing people to Join the website even though there was no model there later when he turned it into a social media site none of the models not me not Raven Riley none of them where there but Tom still kept taking there money every month and how about this trick check this out

I was already long gone by the time TOM did this so who were people talking to? I dunno but it was not Liz Vicious.. FAKE all the way but I guess you can do all these things if you own it then its ok to lie and scram people 

((( I never said that I forbid the models using social network only that they were to LIMIT there social network time… They had paying customers that deserved their real attention not the free fan attention of social networks, Its easy for them to get caught up in the whirlwind that is 'famous' and forget WHY they are there. Therefore they needed to limit that activity.))))

Tom never had a problem with the social media thing you had to follow some rules like linking back to the main site and posting links he wanted posted 

 There's also this quote from Tom:
((((lets face it when your building a website for a single model if they spend all their time talking to fans in a social network then there is no reason to join a site now is there? I mean answering a few here and there is fine but spending all your time on a social network means you are not working on the site and being able to pay attention to the fans that are actually paying for that attention..
the above quote is TOM once again only thinking of his bottom line and thats MONEY

There's a hell of a lot more to know about the 'Liz Vicious' story, but I'm not going to include it all in this report. If you want to learn more from the people who know the real 'Liz', I suggest you take a look here.

Folks, in summary, the @MissLizVicious account has been called out as a fake by the person who knows the real 'Liz' and who runs the official website. Do you really want to be following a proven fake? Tom also stated this on 17th April 2013 about the website:

I am clearly not a proven fake but what i have posted about TOM is proven fact 

Sometime between now and the end of the year the site will either be taken completely down or sold off. I have been working on doing just that over the past couple years and this is the year it will happen one way or another.

Regarding the @MissLizVicious Twitter account, Tom also posted this comment on

Just to let everyone know I have fully reported the violation of the misslizvicious account at twitter this morning.

As webmaster and owner of the official Liz Vicious website,, Tom has also now added the following page to the site which categorically states that the @MissLizVicious Twitter account is NOT genuine:

 You can't get better proof than that.

I am not a proven fake this whole reported is based on what TOM says and i have proven TOM full of shit

 SO i am going to recap this as a final summery

1) Tom ran the myspace fooling 20k people who think it is Liz Vicious

2) Tom created a PAY by the minute line so people could chat with Liz Vicious he put this number on the myspace but Liz Vicious never answered the calls Toms people did

3) Tom Continued to run the taking there money with NO MODEL working the site

 4)  later he linked the sites into a member site with profiles however the advertised models Liz vicious Raven Riley and 2 others had been gone for a long time years in fact he ran this site taking peoples money for years with NO MODELS

5)  the above photo showing  a number and TEXT  Liz  @ is all bullshit Liz Vicious never worked that, once again just Tom and His people.

SO this report would have you believe that what TOM said was true lol you have to admit thats funny now that you know more about TOM 

Well thats that if you took the time to read this i am sure you now know that you cant take TOMS word for anything. I hope this is the last time i have to deal with morons 

Kisses to you all and come join me on Twitter @MissLizVicious

Liz Vicious  

Monday, October 10, 2011

Liz Vicious Into Star Trek?

Yes some time back about 6 or so months ago I got into Star trek a friend brought over his collection of the original Star Trek.

After watching many Episodes I found the whole idea of Star Trek a Beautiful thing a United Planet the whole planet working together as 1 no Racism everyone has a place in the world of Star Trek World Hunger unemployment all these things are things of the distant past in this wonderful Future! called Star Trek!

The Idea that the world could come together in this way entranced me and excited me.

I would truly Love to live in such a world.

The messages bought to you in each episode (Like the Racism message brought up in  "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield"

I have decided that Star Trek the original Series should be required watching and used as a learning tool.

Ok so i am a dreamer but lets face it some dreams do come true and I hope the dream of Star Trek comes true for us ALL !

Come Visit my Page on TRECKSPACE

 ~Liz Vicious~

Playin with kitties!

BEEEEBBBBIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE KITTIIIIIIIIEEEEEES!! Weee! Im playin with baby barn kitties!!! They are sooo sweet and cute. My barn kitties name is Cheeze. She is my favorite and my little baby girl. Cheeze is the most playful, beautiful, sweet kittie of the 3. The other one that looks like Cheeze but is a boy and a bit bigger with more color than Cheeze is named Fuzzie kittie and the other one who is scared constantly and hides its face like I cant see it when it wants to feel safe is all gray and named Wuzzie kittie. They are sooo sweet and cute. Fuzzie is calm and sweet and likes me alot. He purrrrs constantly and gives me kisses. He always just wants to be held and loved on and given kissies all the time. Cheeze is the same but WAAAY more spunky,playful, and random. lol. I grabbed both kitties, Fuzzie kittie and Wuzzie kittie, and braught them in and gave them lots of food and lovins. Well Wuzzie kittie was really scared cuz of all the new stuff going on so little Wuzzie kittie cried and looked up at me and pawed my arm. So I grabbed Wuzzie kittie and cooed while I rocked and kissed on em and then Wuzzie hid that sweet little face in the crook of my elbow and fell asleep. I took that kittie back outside to mommy kittie. Now im cuddling with Fuzzie and Cheeze kittie and my baby Charlie Bear. Im off to have a glass of juice and watch a little TV before I crawl in bed with all my sweet little baby animals. Im kinda lonely…if you get my drift…so I might just make a comfy little sock drawer for them to all sleep in while I crawl in bed with a certain someone. Who knows. Well love you take care and see ya in the funnies!
-Liz- xoxo